Two people who have recently been dumped meet in an uber and begin a discussion about love and lonesomeness.

Director’s Statement

Someone, Somewhere is a very simple concept : Two people who have recently been dumped, speaking about love and lonesomeness. I’ve always enjoyed movies about discussion such as movies by Eric Rohmer, Richard Linklater, Abbas Kiarostami, Louis Malle…

As I am from France, I wanted to do something simple with the few hours I had while in NYC. I’ve already done quite a few short films about love and loneliness, such as “The Space Between Us” because I really think, in these days in particular, people are afraid of being alone and often enter relationships just to avoid it, sometimes being entirely aware that it’s not true love. I think we need to accept these lonely moments, learn to appreciate them and focus on ourselves. It will give more power to real love.