Trapped by their crippling body confidence issues, a young couple must reveal their deepest insecurities to each other while getting dressed for a night out. Skin addresses both the insecurities and pressures of young people today, and how genuine connection is something that we have to work harder for.

Director Statement

The idea of self image has become increasingly important in our current society. Exasperated by social media, self image has become intertwined with the inherent elements of the human condition. Why is that? The unattainable version of perfection that we strive towards causes us to chase a dream that can never be fulfilled. Skin exposes the visceral elements of the human condition through the portrayal of a couple struggling with body insecurity issues. What drew me to this script more so than the visual potential, is the emotional potential and the dynamic relationship between the two characters. Both Addison and Brandon struggle to accept their self image, a common issue amongst young people today. Being comfortable in your own skin is never an easy thing to grasp. What I hope Skin accomplishes is to shed light on this topic through presenting a window into our current reality – that we might not actually have any solutions in this never ending image of perfection.