In the future, a japanese psychic warrior is looking to destroy a corporation that mass produces a robot named “Shinobi” in order to avenge the death of her loved one. This is the premise of the action-packed music video “Shinobi”, the latest project of director Victor Velasco, starring Maximiliano Hernandez (Sicario, Walking Dead, Captain America).

SHINOBI is an ambitious cyberpunk epic influenced by 80’s anime (Goku: Midnight Eye, Cyber City Oedo), Carpenter films (Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China) and modern 3D artists visuals (Ash Thorp, Beeple, Stuz00r). The idea of SHINOBI was born as soon as Victor Velasco heard the song “It had to be an epic cyberpunk tale of Good vs Evil with ninjas, now the problem was how to actually do it”.

Director’s Notes

Since the beginning the use of CGI seemed mandatory in order to show the world, because of this I developed concept art and a storyboard for the music video: It’s the first time I created a project like this where everything should be visualized before shooting. It’is like a clock where every gear has to work perfectly but still you need room for small improvisation.

The concept art and storyboard was a crucial part of the development. Thanks to this we were able to convince the actors and the crew to be involved. There are only 2 props in the entire music video (a chair and a table) so all the team should know what they’re going to do because once you’re shooting you’re alone with a green screen