Polaris is trapped in an underwater cocoon and the ocean around her is dead. So falling in love with this story traveller is a really bad idea. And he refuses to travel on, tired of all the sad endings out there. Alas Polaris’ story is ending, too.

Cracks begin to break across the story traveller’s skin like they tear across the hull of the cocoon. He will die if he stays. To safe his life she comes up with the beginning of a new story, one into which only he can travel. All he has to do is follow the shadow lynx into the forest.

Director’s Vision

Poetic fantasy meets romantic horror. Polaris falling in love with the story traveller fills me with hope. With one story ending, another one might begin. The film was made by diverse European talent from Belgium, The Netherlands, Wales, Northern Ireland and Germany. We shot the film in an attic in Hamburg, edited in Berlin-Brandenburg with an original score composed and produced in Wales and visual effects crafted in Belgium and the Netherlands. The production was supported by Cine-Mobil, Planet X, Studio Hamburg Post Production and crowdfunding.