In the search for her family’s history, Grace, a 1st generation Korean-American and self-proclaimed “Social Justice Podcaster”, decides to gift her grandma a 23+me kit for her 70th birthday. Initially, she thinks it’ll be a meaningful gift but when she presents it to her grandmother,, her entire family goes apeshit. “How can you do this??” “This is so disrespectful!” So naturally, Grace steals her grandma‘s DNA to figure out why her family is so outraged. But when she gets the results of the test, she discovers a dark family secret that shatters her image of her ancestors.

Director’s Vision for ‘Search History’

SEARCH HISTORY is a story about a 1st generation Korean-American woman attempting to grasp an authentic understanding of her roots through her limited and adopted insights about her motherland. With two Korean-American female filmmakers at the helm, the film captures the very quest to understand AAPI identity through a story based on their own upbringing and experiences.