Rumble follows Cal, a young dedicated boxer who is profoundly deaf. In the days leading up to a big fight against his archrival, Cal must decide between the sport he loves and a life changing cochlear implant operation which could provide him with the ability to hear the world.

Struggling with the weight of this decision, Cal is inadvertently pulled in opposing directions by his mother Helen, who desperately wants him to hear, and his brother who wants him to box.

Overcome by irresolution and with his future in the balance, Cal must make the biggest decision of his life: to hear or fight.

I wanted to create a film that explored disability in a creative and original way, specifically focusing on the difficulties and challenges faced by deaf people. I loved the idea of using sound as a unique narrative driver and mould the film in a way that would literally place the audience in the deaf protagonist’s shoes. As a result the film features a unorthodox sound design that reflects the Cal’s disability which is juxtaposed with real life ambient sound. Please use decent headphones or speakers for the best experience!