A young woman takes a hike into the mountains, with someone close to her, to have a painful but necessary conversation.

Pringles is a short, improvised film. The actors were given a rough outline of the story flow, after which dialogue and scene structure were entirely up to the moment.

Directors Statement

A close friend of mine died suddenly in 2016, on Thanksgiving day. It was a shock that reverberated through absolutely everyone who knew him. He was well loved, respected and so full of life that the whole thing seemed surreal and painfully unfair. We were all left wondering how and why. Since that time, it has been a process to work through the stages of grief, with one of the final steps being a group trek to the Sequoia National Park to scatter his ashes. He had loved spending time in nature and had pointed out the spot he wanted his ashes scattered only a year or so previously, never thinking that it was an instruction that we would be following so soon after.

As a filmmaker, I wondered if there was another way I could honor him – through my art. As I ruminated those past months, I heard that my friend Mary had lost her brother in a sudden, and shocking way also. We spoke and both expressed an interest in using film as a form of therapy, to work through some of the sometime overwhelming loss we both felt. This is when I suggested to Mary that perhaps we should shoot a short, improvised piece. A piece in which she could speak freely to a proxy, to perhaps tell him one last time, everything she wanted to but couldn’t. To show how grief can bring moments of absurdity, humor, pain and everything in between.