The meaning is clear. Deceitful. Untrustworthy. But nobody’s perfect.

Director’s Vision

How do you stay creative while the world is on lockdown? Find a way! I teach a class in screenwriting at UT Dallas. Because the class went async, I was looking for an assignment that leaned into our circumstances. I wanted an opportunity, not a cage. I devised their mid-term script to utilize zoom. Then I thought I better see how dynamic writing a dialogue driven script meant for zoom could be, so I wrote Perfidy as a proof of concept. And because screenplays languishing on computers annoys me—I thought I should show them script to screen.

I am a truly lucky person. I have amazingly generous friends. I know two things about Julie Benz. She’s a terrific actor and a really lovely person so I sent her the script and said “wanna do this this with me?” Guess what? Turns out actors like to work and during a pandemic, there isn’t much work! Pro tip—actors also respond to great material (am I allowed to say that since I wrote it???) and like to help other artists. She found me Sasha Roiz. Great actor. Dreamy inside and out. THEN, I lied to my friend, editor Ryan Sage and said I just needed him to do titles for me. We ended up doing an edit. He tells me he had fun. Hope you enjoy the film!

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