The dish “Bosco Umbro” is a metaphor of Umbrian chef Paolo Trippini’s journey where tradition, family, eco-sustainability and the bond with the territory are the founding pillars of his cuisine and his beliefs.

Director’s Vision

What I like about Paolo is that he is a very humble person that doesn’t care about the trends and the glamour that the kitchen world has nowadays. He doesn’t follow any given pattern but his own and he truly cares about helping the community of producers and local famers around him as well as being eco-sustainable. Also, his food is fenomenal!

The decision to use partly 16mm helped us capturing more intimate moments between Paolo and his father and in general to catch a glimpse of tenderness in this family portrait.

The mix of digital and film wanted also to highlight the old vs the new approach of cuisine, the father vs the son. A culinary and philosophical dispute that can coexist in the same time and space.