Two young husbands retreat to their favorite camping spot to hash out some life altering news and the ramifications it will have on their marriage and their future together.

Director’s Vision on ‘Our Place Together’

Growing up in a beautiful but conservative mountain town in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, I have always found nature to be comforting and recharging in my life, no matter what issues I might have been going through – be it struggling with my sexuality or the challenges of my parents’ divorce. My mother passed away when I was 21 after a 10-year battle with cancer. Half of my life was spent watching her struggle. Subsequently, after my father’s own cancer diagnosis several years ago, I began to reflect on my “genetic baggage” and how that would affect my desire to have biological children. Our Place Together is an expression of this personal existential journey.

Additionally, I wanted to explore how the presence of memory – and the threat of memory – play a role in our lives. Throughout both my parents’ illnesses, there were and have been moments that stood out as pivotal in the greater story of our lives. I remember dreading the feeling that would creep up on me, the voice that told me I was about to experience something that I would never forget. For Brandon and Sean, our characters in the film, I wanted to depict their own struggle with building a memory of a time neither of them wants.

I had the immense pleasure of working with Elliot Knight and Tony-nominee Rory O’Malley on this film. Both of whom are successful, openly gay actors which was incredibly important to me. Rory and his husband had recently adopted their son, Jimmy, which added to the depth of his performance. In fact, his time shooting this was his first time away from home since the adoption. Both actors brought so much real life emotional experience and depth to their roles, it was a gift to work with them.