Nope! is Sami Schinaia’s debut as a solo director, after ten years as part of the directing duo SÄMEN. This short film was born out of the need to explore and share the director’s most recent and intimate period of his life, during which he has explored the world of psychedelics and internet dating.

The short film is also a reflection on our society, as it looks at our relationship with drugs and the internet and the way these forms of addiction tend to dilute the value we place on human interactions. However, Nope! isn’t a criticism generally associated with these themes, but rather an ironic, light and playful insight into today’s youth culture.

The new generation of dreamers and creators is represented as fluorescent, digital and slightly foggy. In line with Schinaia’s directorial style, the short film relies on compelling visuals and sound as much as on the script to unfold its narrative. Working exclusively with a very young team across styling, music, cinematography, post-production, sound design, graphic design and illustration, Nope! becomes a tribute to the fresh and innovative creative talent of tomorrow.