Aidan was once the talk of Hollywood. But fame is fickle, and thanks to a mix of bad luck and bad behavior, he now finds himself stuck in a hole, playing the lead role in his little brother’s directorial film debut in which Aidan’s character is literally trapped in a hole in the ground. Ill-equipped and in vain he struggles to escape a twisted family power dynamic and a complex sibling rivalry turned on its head.

Director’s Statement

“Marsha!” is an exploration of the sibling dynamic that the filmmakers— Aidan and Rowen— luckily never had, but, under different circumstances, might have had. In truly meta fashion, “Marsha!” imagines the rapid deterioration of a brotherly working relationship where nothing actually, really happens to change the rapport itself, but where the relationship markedly shifts nonetheless, as deeper emotional layers are uncovered in a dark and somewhat ridiculous real-time depiction. As a director, I mainly set out to tell a funny story with my brother, Aidan, but we ended up making something a lot deeper and a bit darker than we originally intended, much like our caricatures do in the short themselves. We reckon we had more fun than the characters did, however. Enjoy!
“Marsha!” premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival and went on to screen at other great festivals, including the Santa Barbara Int’l, Chicago Comedy, and Lower East Side Film Festivals. “Marsha!” was written and directed by Rowen Kahn, produced by Aidan Kahn and Matt Elisofon, and made in the Kahn Brothers’ hometown of Vancouver, BC.