What if a 76 year old women could become a Muse for Beauty?

Facing exhaustion, being confronted by the classic idea of perfection in the media, we want to give you a different vision.

This Film is inspired by M.

Create to enlighten her spirit and to make her feel just how beautiful she really is.

Because Real Beauty is incredibly inspiring!

At a time when it seems impossible to reach the ideal of beauty, we wanted to show her and you, that real beauty is much more than those seemingly, unattainable standards.

Everyday we are all running after illusory and chimeric dreams, as if our happiness depended on being recognized as beautiful in the eyes of others, even the entire world. Today with the importance of Social Media, it seems women are in battle of who is the most beautiful, who is the most popular, who has more followers and who has more likes. In the meantime with all the filters, the editing, the art of posing, the gap between the picture and the reality is growing profusely. This confuses people and causes feelings of unworthiness, perceptions of being ugly, fat and never being enough.Often leading to drastic dieting, radical surgery transformations and disappointments.

Can you imagine that Marilyn Monroe, who was considered the most beautiful woman of her time, today would be labeled as a “plus-size” and too heavy to be a model with modern standards of beauty.

This film is, Your Rendez-Vous with Beauty, where we reset your mind and open your eyes to see beauty around you.
This is your Rendez-vous with Happiness, to put a sweet smile on your face. Your Rendez-vous with Self-Love, to bring joy to your heart and make you feel how beautiful you really are.

Our definition of beauty is giving you another point of view and a new perception of oneself.