Timesink is set in a world where humanity has been wiped out by a widespread disease. In sharp contrast with this catastrophic situation, our protagonist acts like a regular kid. The boy treats this post-pandemic world like a giant playground. At first, the story unfolds from his perspective, showing us that the exceptional quality of his surroundings is commonplace to him.

We portray the boy alone, implying that he may be the last human survivor. As the video draws to a close, blood that drips from the boy’s eye suggests that his journey may soon be over. Because we have followed the boy throughout, his potential disappearance may strike us as a loss; a sinking feeling that the natural world will carry on without him, and hence without us.

Director’s Statement

Shot in Fall of 2019 pre COVID-19. We hope you all stay safe, and spend this time with your loved ones in the midst of this global pandemic.