On the edge of adolescence, Dexter visits the big city, and his sister, for the first time. The two navigate their relationship after having lived apart for the last few years. Together they explore the big city, trying to understand how to relate to one another again.

Director’s Statement

Little Brother is a short documentary about the moments in life that are fleeting, but make an impression. The film examines the reawakened relationship between two siblings with a 13 year difference as well as the struggles of a young boy exploring a new city and the newness of adolescence. At times encouraging and at other times isolating, I wanted this film to capture the feeling of what it’s like to visit a new city while focusing on the permanent, yet ever evolving, familial dynamics that exist between siblings. Having always been protective of my little brother, this trip was the first time I saw him as a soon-to-be young adult. When I realized that things would never again be as they are, I decided to make this film to celebrate, and better understand, the ending of our collective childhood.