DedSec hackers fight back against Albion, an evil private security force that has taken over London. Using hacking devices and future tech, this unlikely motley crew of civilians band together to outwit and take back their city.

Director’s Vision

My name is James Chappell, I’m an Australian director who has made music videos for Tiesto, Armand Van Helden, The Bloody Beetroots, Mat Zo, Amy Shark, Travis Barker (Blink 182) and Guy Sebastian.

Working with Apostle Digital (the team behind cult zombie film ‘Wyrmwood’) we shot Blasterjaxx’s ‘Legion’ over three days in Sydney, Australia shooting in Victorian era locations such as Museum station and other industrial underground spaces to replicate the vibe of future London showcased in the ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ video game. We relied on real locations, fight choreography, stunts and pyrotechnics to capture the world with additional VFX to enhance the video and deliver those future tech elements.

My intent was to craft a propulsive live action narrative that reflects the video game visuals and storyline. The idea of the game is to play as anyone, so I wanted to play with some of those funny contrasting characters. For example, a hulking soccer hooligan and an old grandma being on the same team. The female hacker characters were based on a few different looks we liked in the video game. Stylist Millie Sykes created two divergent interpretations of these female hackers using her incredible fashion styling and I’m stoked with how they turned out.

Saxon Strauss from The Art Syndicate built the Punk’s Gas Mask which he wired up with LED electronics to create the glowing green Pound symbol. I wanted this to be as similar as possible to the game and Saxon was instrumental to nailing this. He even 3D printed elements of the mask in transparent green so that they would glow from within.

Soundtracked with the pulsing energy of Blasterjaxx’s big room track ‘Legion’, I’m really excited about this action packed short film based on ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ releasing into the world. It’s an epic game world to be playing with and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Spinnin Records and Ubisoft. Their collective trust in me was creatively rewarding!