In our self-obsessed social media culture, we still have basic survival needs…. right!?

#LastSelfie is a short film we produced and released on National Selfie Day. It deals with the last moments of a dying man desperately crawling through the desert, trying to hang on while searching for any glimmer of hope of survival.

Every frame is lovingly hand drawn and animated by a small, talented team. We always strive for a strong visual style in combination with a relatable story – in other words, something we’d like to see ourselves out in the weird wild world.

Directors Statement

This was a quick idea that few talented Yeah Haus cohorts and I worked on in June. We thought it’d be funny if our main character decided to post a selfie right before death. Knowing that the infamy would be way more satisfying than, you know….. surviving.

We wanted to make this short because it’s fun to make something from scratch. Also, we were getting pretty burnt out on client projects. It’s important to me to make sure I’m developing my own thing and staying sharp with quick decision making.