La Transazione (The Transaction) is a 28 minute, silent black and white melodrama about immigration. Set in 1910 it follows three Italian sisters who come to America through Ellis Island for arranged marriages. Powerful performances filled with humor and pathos with a stunning original score by award winning composers Ellen and Roger Bruno.

Director’s Vision

La Transazione (The Transaction) is a true American story. Unless you are a Native American, we all came from somewhere. Some came willingly and some through desperation or bondage. In revisiting our past we get a glimpse of our future. La Transazione opens that door so we can understand the actions of our ancestors. The dreams and heartbreak that molded us. Whether it be cruelty and intolerance or racism and strife, sometimes the tiniest act of kindness can give us a momentary lifeline. Helping us regain our purpose and our faith in humanity and ultimately shaping our ideals for future generations.