After Taylor is told he must drive himself to his mother’s birthday party, he has to fight to overcome the fear of driving. More specifically, his personified O.C.D known as Owen.

Director’s Statement

JUST DRIVE is deeply personal and a passion project that I wanted to use as a way to challenge myself as a writer and director. About a year ago I was diagnosed with severe OCD. A year later, I joined a writer’s group with a lot of talented filmmakers and made the goal to write and direct a short film that addressed the topic seriously while also making a fun comedy. I intentionally wrote this film to be in a single location with only a few actors. JUST DRIVE was greatly shaped as a direct result of being a part of a writers group in Denton Texas.

In media and film, OCD is usually used as a way to show that someone has a “quirk” or is a “neat freak” and not as a serious mental illness. There are many different types of OCD that affect individual’s personal lives, relationships and well being. Making this short was therapeutic for me, but most importantly, it was fun as all get out to shoot something with friends!