A reconciliation brunch goes awry when someone brings an unexpected guest.

Starring Stephanie Drake (MAD MEN), Joel Kelley Dauten (SUPER PUMPED), and Vivian Kerr (SCRAP). Written by Cory Stonebrook (SUCCESSION). Director of Photography Markus Mentzer (CLARA’S GHOST).

Director’s Vision for ‘Julian’

Let’s face it, love makes us batshit crazy. What drew me to Cory Stonebrook’s hilarious script is its unusual love story — between a woman and a …piece of produce. Silly yet tenderhearted, Cory’s writing has a unique ability to combine irreverant humor with grounded, human relationships interspersed with sweet moments — a husband comforting his nervous wife over a guest’s arrival, two sisters trying to find their way to reconcile after a decade apart. Being family involves compromise and acceptance, even if your family member insists they are in love with, as the character Brynn puts it, “a piece of fucking fruit.”