‘Join Us’ is a timeless visual abstract narrative about cults, community, and identity. It is a trip through a timeless world where spirits entrap a lonely soul who stumbles into a place of worship. This discovery leads to her joining this community and preaching to others. In joining has she found herself?

This is an experiential short about the understanding of community and it reaches out to people to discover if they are part of a community themselves and if they are what is it and how does it effect them…

Director’s Statement

‘hypnotic questioning of the human desire for belonging’

Join Us, is an abstract narrative which questions the notions of community and identity. It is framed as a visceral journey, following a lonely soul who stumbles into a place of worship and leaves as an empowered preacher. Brimming with emotion and open-ended questions, it juxtaposes the harshness of an urban setting with underlying mysticism and metaphor, for a visual which captivates beyond the final frame.