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From fear’s perspective, we’ll never be enough. The more we sink ourselves in self-doubt, the more we become enslaved by our own thoughts. Hostages of naught or maybe hostages of ourselves? Fear is a preconception that come from the nerves and this very fear fades away through a simple reflection.

Director’s Vision for ‘Impostor’

In 2020, in the midst of an anxiety crisis due to the lack of comprehension of how much I deserved the good things that were happening to me at a certain point in my life, I decided to write a poem as an escape route.

I saw all my peers as Olympians Gods while I stood in my own insignificance. Everyone was the best professional, the best artist, everyone was awesome, and I constantly found myself in a distant and small corner.

After writing that poem, the feeling kind of dissolved but didn’t go away. I was able to wrap up my work laudably at that time, but something kept telling me that I wasn’t good enough.

When I showed this poem to some friends and frequent collaborators, everyone told me I should make a film about it.

Despite feeling skeptical and confused, deep inside, I realized that, perhaps, making this film was a self-healing process, where I’d seek to better understand my feelings, bring them into the screen and get rid of them, like some kind of exorcism.

It was a first step for me as an author and I really hope it resonates with people who identify themselves with the subject, and seek to completely understand this feeling.