“I Can Do That” highlights the amazing spirit and determination of those around us who defy their disadvantages to accomplish incredible things. In this empowering sequence of events, filmmaking collective The Fold follows a cast of unassuming characters who jump head first into conquering their dreams. ‘I Can Do That’ is a refreshing look at the value of always betting on the underdog.

Director’s Vision on ‘I Can Do That’.

“You’ll never walk, let alone run”, “you can’t jump”, “there is no way you can compete with your condition”. For those who have heard this, it must be tempting to simply accept fate. Those who fight despite the odds are so uniquely inspirational, and yet it is much more common to see ads featuring athletes who are not just able-bodied but whose physical gifts make their success almost inevitable. We want to steer the focus back to the real heroes – those who are competing with their own disadvantages.