A hypothetical conversation, may reveal some hard truths about the future of a relationship.

Director’s Statement

“Hypothetical” marked the first time I ever turned down a paid gig in order to work on a project of my own. I was working an endless string of PA gigs at the time and the work was so incessant that I could hardly find the time to sit down and write, much less produce something of my own. But at some point, the pain of not making something for yourself begins to outweigh everything else – including earning a living. So even though I was broke, I rounded up my friends to make this short film. I edited it in between gigs and during vacations. There was also a moment where my motherboard fried and I had to re-edit the film from scratch on a new computer. I was determined to finish it.

In a way, Faith’s conflict in “Hypothetical” was similar to mine during its making; sometimes the future looks bleak unless you decide make some personal and drastic changes in order to move your life forward in a positive way. For me it was to create something, even if it meant taking a financial risk. For Faith it was to escape a tough situation, by making a clean break for a new life or face an unhappy relationship. “Hypothetical” is a short about having the courage to make a decision to change your status in life.