On May 10th, 1933 in Berlin, Germany Nazi Youth destroyed the Institute of Sexology and the famed Transgender Cabaret, the El Dorado was raided and turned into Hilter’s Nazi Headquarters. Hush tells the story of Drick, one of the first successful transgender performers in the cabaret, who was operated on by Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld and the chaos that ensued in the path of the Nazi soldiers. Helene, a salon girl from the Nazi brothel, Salon Kitty, overhears the Nazi planning and escapes to warn the performers in the cabaret of the upheaval. When she arrives in the glorious cabaret she is looking for Magnus Hirschfeld only to find he is in Paris. She then confides in Drick and tells the performers that they need to get out of the cabaret as soon as possible. Drick and the performers follow their hearts and stay. This is their home! Instead of hiding from fear of certain death, the troupe decides to perform their most dangerous show ever. This is surely suicide for them, but they chose to stand up for who they are and what they believe in; leaving their legacy behind in the ashes of evil and destruction.