In a seven and half minute unbroken shot, Gina struggles to keep the peace as an unwanted guest arrives at the time-travel themed party she is hosting. Is he a visitor from the future or just an intruder from the past?

Directors Statement

The film Hostess began with a conversation between myself and John J. Kaiser. I loved his film Classic. Becky. Party, that he wrote and directed, so we met for coffee. I’ve written or co-written most of the shorts that I have directed and was interested in directing something that I didn’t write. We just started talking about things that we were both interested in. We both love dialogue, party scenes, and unbroken continuous take films. I’d never made a continuous take film before. After our meeting he sent me the script and not long after, I had the film cast and began filming. Staging and filming a continuous take film with 6 speaking characters, lots of extras, and lots of movement, in a small quirky house was quite challenging, to say the least. Our location audio engineer, Jenilee Park (@jennileepark) was incredible. She worked with our composer, Charlie McCarron (@charlie.mccarron) to rig up 14 microphones and recorded all of the audio live, which included a live band that we put together for the film. John, myself, the remote focus puller, and the director of photography all had to hide in the bathroom because it was one of the few rooms that wasn’t being filmed, that could still get a monitor signal from the steady-cam operator. I’m usually right next to camera when I direct but, for this one, I had to direct from the bath tub!