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After a young man loses his job because of his casually offensive behavior, he finds the perfect people to blame: minorities. Newly inspired by the white supremacist ideology of the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory, we watch as he sinks into the darkest pits of the internet and takes the ideas he finds there as his own…

Director’s Vision for ‘High Score’

In April 2019, while we were in Los Angeles preparing to attend a screening of our film “CASHED,” the Poway synagogue shooting occurred not far away. It left us shaken and thinking of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting exactly six months before, and of countless others in recent years.

The unlawful detainment of Central American people attempting to immigrate to the U.S. also weighed on us profoundly. We couldn’t shake the feeling that the inhumane conditions at our southern border’s detention centers seemed connected to the growing wave of white supremacist violence. It lit a fire inside us, an aching need to do more to better our world (or, like we say in the Jewish tradition, to contribute to the effort of Tikkun Olam).

“High Score” was born of our need to drag the violent hatred fermenting in the shadows of our media into the light, to expose the interconnectedness of these conspiracy theories and the dangers they pose to human life, and to reveal the almost supernatural power of the internet to amplify extremist ideologies and radicalize people toward violent actions. We hope you’ll join our fight to end white supremacy and racial violence.