An accidental butt dial provides a curious husband an unexpected glimpse into the mind of his loving wife.

Director’s Statement

Channeling the great tradition of Shakespearean villain monologues, HANG UP! aims to transport the morbidly intriguing trope of villain asides and speeches of treacherous intent to the modern world by way of our most pervasive and ubiquitous tool; the cell phone. By substituting the stage and the breaking of the fourth wall with a simple accidental butt dial, HANG UP! Drags an unsuspecting husband (Robert Nolan) into a secretive and increasingly morbid conversation which aims to rival the dastardly thoughts and machinations of some of Shakespeare’s most boastful and long winded villains including Macbeth, Richard The 3rd and Iago. The film also serves as an exploration of the anxieties and fears of the modern marriage and operates as a kind or waking nightmare where the unsuspecting spouses deepest paranoia flowers to a fever pitch. Lastly, the film can be taken as literal dark drama where one man’s curiosity and inability to HANG UP! Drags him further down a hellish rabbit hole.