A female standup gets bumped when a famous comic returns following sexual misconduct allegations.

Director’s Vision

Green follows CJ, an up-and-coming comedian who is prepping for a show in the green room of a comedy club. She finds out that a famous comic has dropped in for a surprise comeback set after the fallout of sexual misconduct allegations against him. She faces the futility of trying to stop him from reclaiming the stage.

Green was inspired by the ongoing question of what to do when the predominantly male artists we cherish abuse their positions of power. Right now, we are living in a unique era of public reckoning. My intention was to show a story that would not be hyper-visible, one that happens behind the curtain. In these situations, there is no system in place to define consequences or quantify wrongs. I wanted to explore what justice looks like to people on different levels of the hierarchy in a given industry.

Like CJ and Maggie in the film, sometimes I also feel like I’m trapped in a room, making jokes about Scientology in order to stay afloat. I hope this film comes through as an examination of these imbalanced power structures, as well as a celebration of the buoyancy required to survive them.