An old woman. Alone. At night.

Director’s Statement

I liked the idea of restricting a Hollywood movie’s worth of stunts, thrills and spectacle to about thirty yards of floor space. Instead of focusing on the big moments — explosions, jumps, crashes — I set out to create and sustain tension through small, seemingly arbitrary details — reloading a gun, descending a flight of stairs, opening a door — all at a fraction of the pace of a big budget set piece. A breakneck pursuit in slow motion. But while I enjoyed attempting to subvert the home invasion thriller and action movie, the core draw for me was the character of Grandma. My own Grandma had just recently passed away prior to filming, and in a way, this was how I payed my respects to her legacy: her wisdom, mischief, and ruggedness that could only have been earned by living a long and full life.