Ray Ashford, an astronaut on the Goldilocks Missions, searches the stars for a new home, when a circuit failure in his ship threatens to jeopardize the mission and put in danger the lives of those he loves.

Director’s Vision

Goldilocks was a very special film for me to make. For years I loved science fiction, but it’s a genre that many young filmmakers consider difficult to explore. When I first set out to make the film, I hardly had any idea how I was going to pull it off. All I knew was that I had a network of some of the most talented collaborators around me who were willing to put their trust in me, and that was rocket fuel. If there’s one thing I learned making Goldilocks, it’s that no genre is off limits, all it takes is a bit of passion, ingenuity, creativity, and the desire to push yourself further than you’ve gone before. Tell the stories that you’re passionate about, wherever your passion leads you, and never take no for an answer.