Getaway Driver

What seems to be a normal day for a woman and her pug, turns out to be an intense thrill of a ride.

Director’s Notes

I’ve always love​d​ car chases​. ​My favourite movies, The Driver, Breakdown, To Live and Die in LA, Back to the Future, all have seriously epic chases. I wanted to capture something in that vein​,​​ but in a really short space of time​ – a little old-school but unique and quirky.​ ​We approached the piece as an experiment to tell a simple tale in under 120 seconds. We shot it over 10 hours in a multi-storey car park in London. The cars used are an Orange Ford Capri MKiii 3.0 (78-86) and a Blue Mercedes Benz 280sl.​ ​The short has the distinct honour of being the last on screen performance from Mabel the pug, a veteran of the screen who has appeared in many films including The King’s Speech and she was recently seen in the Netflix series The Crown. Expect to see more like this from me but on a much larger scale and in the very near future…