Award-winning short film The Silent tells of a little girl’s journey from a world of nightmares to the nightmare of reality.

Director’s Statement

The Silent is something that came out from my subconscious and nightmares. Under the nightmarish surface there is a cohesive story which tells of a tragedy in a family, loss, mental breakdown and the childhood fears, but it is presented in somewhat experimental style.

I didn’t want to make The Silent a full-on horror movie but instead to have this melancholic fairy tale like undertone because the main goal was not to shock but to tell a story from a little girl’s perspective (amazing 5-year-old lead actress Frida Rossi).

The main goal was not to make a mystery which needs to be solved but take the viewer to this world which is being like inside the sleep paralysis or night terror episode and experience it through the subconscious and maybe share an understanding.