Gary is a UK-based economist and former interest rate trader who campaigns on wealth inequality. This film explores the UK’s growing wealth inequality, including Gary’s roots and what drove him from being the world’s most profitable trader at Citibank to a wealth inequality campaigner.

Director’s Vision for ‘Gary Stevenson – Life Out of Balance’

I originally came across Gary through an article he had written for The Guardian. It was a fantastic piece explaining how he had made millions as a trader betting on economic disaster.

I then saw some of his YouTube videos – he was a young man from a disadvantaged background, who had worked his way up to being one of the most successful traders in the world. He clearly had a great understanding of the economy and the disastrous course it was on. He also had great charisma and intellect.

I thought that his background, his story, and his understanding of the economy were the perfect way to reach more people regarding the economic inequality that we all face.