Stripped to its core, FUCK BUDDIES is about two formerly platonic friends who don’t know how to deal with their new-found intimate relationship up against the sexual climate experienced by young people today. This is manifested as an otherworldly force possessing them to copulate. As their story of messy emotions progresses, the film mutates from a hyper-stylized fourth-wall breaking Dramedy to a perverse Ghost story. The miscommunication and power struggles that simmer at the beginning of the movie right underneath the surface eventually turn to melodramatic tragedy, before exploding into bouts of manic slapstick and awkward body-horror.

By treating the consequences of sex in a serious way within the context of a Horror movie, I hoped to explore the idea of biological purpose fighting back against human concepts of sexual safety and freedom. My intentions were always to hop around tonally to tell the story, but to never pull the rug out from underneath the audience – as in, I never wanted the film to maintain one style or genre long enough for the audience to ever think they’re watching “this kind of movie” or “that kind of movie”. If anything, I wanted the speed and energy of the short to feel like you’re watching only the best and most-important parts of a story that could have taken much more time to be told.