Pulling apart the most recognized piece of choreography- the inflight safety demonstration to create an intimate journey of rebellion and finding your own voice against the boundaries of society.

Director’s Statement

I wanted to explore in a very abstract way the idea of conforming to gendered expectations and the mask that many young people still feel like they need to wear even when they are struggling either internally with emotions or externally in the tough surroundings of London gang culture.

I thought a dance piece was an interesting way to explore the rigidity of the body- how that reaches it’s breaking point until there is a release of motion and emotion. Using the safety demonstration felt like an interesting way to pull apart an already internationally known rigid choreography that represents the mundane that we all fight and breath new life into those actions into a modern day urban safety demonstration..

Working closely with the team at Balletboyz in London to bring the choreography to life with dancer Edd Arnold and choregrapher Jason Mabana.

This piece is the first commissioned for Balletboyz in their series “Shots”.