Randall wants to impress his girlfriend and her friends at their weekly game night with his favorite game, but things don’t quite go as planned…

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Director’s Vision for ‘First Impressions’

I’ve been working with Erik Anderson for more than 20 years in film and music because he’s a truly gifted

performer and a great guy to be around. I’ve often toyed with the idea of writing something to showcase his impressions over the years and this idea came to me at just the right time.

We were scheduled to shoot a big action comedy short called Leverage in the spring of 2020 when Covid 19 hit and put it on hold. I had already been working on this simple script to shoot after Leverage that only required four actors and one location with minimal crew, a sort of breath of fresh air after the big production we were embarking on first.

It made sense to do that next instead, so in November of 2020 we followed Covid protocols to make an ultra low budget comedy. The cast and crew all filled multiple roles on set and we had a blast getting to be creative and do what we love, something covid had stripped from us for most of that year.