A young man with 50% lung capacity battles to become a professional MMA fighter, and prove his life will not be defined by a fatal genetic disease.

Intimately produced over 8 years, Danny’s story explores the relationship between life, purpose, and time.⁠

Director’s Vision

Imagine growing up with knowledge that your life expectancy was 30, maybe 40 years old. Would you view time differently? And what would you do with that time?

That impossible question is at the core of Danny’s story – and what I hope makes it resonate with people. Because while his story is not easy – I think it defines what it is to be human.

More personally, making this film with Danny is an experience I will forever be grateful for because he is also one of my closest friends. I am so proud of him for everything he has done, for living life on his terms – and for his bravery in sharing his story so starkly with the world.

I hope it can help inspire others the way he has inspired me.