Camila and Felix return to their grandmother’s home to pick up an heirloom she left behind…only to find a series of secrets they never expected. Can you still love people you’ll never completely understand?

Director’s Vision

When my childhood dog died, a neighbor visited the house wondering where he was. Confused, my parents told her that he had passed away last week…but why was she asking? It turns out my dog would, unbeknownst to us, regularly leave our yard when we let him outside, wander over to this neighbor’s house, and just hang out for about 20 minutes a day. Almost every single day.

Even our pets, whose entire lives supposedly revolve around us, who are with us from their infancy until the moment they die, even THEY have secret bits of personality we’ll never know.

Humans are no different. We so often connect love and understanding, but the troubling truth is that even the people closest to us have hidden layers. Can you still love them after knowing the “puzzle” will never be solved – that you’re loving something you don’t understand?

Family Treasure explores this question and also contains many fun jokes!