The road is not a place, but a state of mind. For there is a certain place called on the road, that everybody understands.

This project is a visual exploration of the relationship between roads and just a few of the amazing artists who have found inspiration and solitude on routes less traveled. As the journey unfolds, you begin to understand that the road is more than just a blueprint for where to go, it becomes a character in our tale and a conduit for incredible evolution. It is a perfect partner, one that guides our travelers, but affords them the freedom to create their own experience. It offers complete autonomy to those who choose it as a companion.

The pilot episode explores the writing of three authors, Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller, and Hunter Thompson. Though they have no personal connection, each one of them has sited their travels as a source of inspiration. What is it about the road that inspires such a deep and startling self awareness? Their time away from routine, out in the wild, supplied each of them with the material that inspired some of their most insightful and beautiful work.

Directors Statement

Epiphanies in Solitude”, is a beautiful exploration into the writing of several authors who found true inspiration in nature.

It’s also a personal meditation about solitude and the necessity to disconnect in order to see things clearly and break on through the monotonous trance of modern society.

But most of all, this film is a declaration of independence that leaves you with the urge to explore.