A young couple flees from the chaos and the monotony of the big city to spend a few days together in a country house. What appears to be an idyllic getaway ends when he honestly tells her how he feels. She, completely shocked, will try to find the truth that was hidden behind her love for a long time.

Director’s Statement

Elígeme is not intended to be a movie with an unexpected turn in the story, nor does it aim to provide something that we have not seen before in love movies. It’s intended to be a simple and sincere story that is close to the viewer. From the first moment, the characters are shown in a metaphorical transition, a journey that will end with the ending of their first love which marks a before and an after in our lives.

The viewer joins this young couple on their last weekend, which is fragmented in time with jumps between the present and the past. The present shows how the couple is facing the end of their relationship, and on the other hand does the past help us to understand how she feels with her boyfriend’s decision. Somehow, it helps us to understand how it is affecting her and it makes the viewer suffer with her.

The character of the girl represents the blind and excessive love, which has so far not been negative in the relationship. In contrast, the character of the boy represents the doubt and change. I am sure that everyone has, at some moment in their life, been at least at one of the two sides. For this reason, although the protagonist represents more the girl, the viewer can identify themselves with the boy. At some moment we all have had doubts and we just wanted to be certain that we are with the other person because we really want to and not because we are just so accustomed to it.

I also wanted to portray love and heartbreak as something unpredictable. From my point of view, it is not easy to leave someone, and especially our first love. For that reason, the decision to not continue with her, takes place in the car when they are driving back home. He thought a lot about it, but even before the trip he has never found the moment to tell her. It is when she is talking about their future, that he can no longer pretend and needs to tell her. It is easy to put ourselves in the shoes of the girl and to be surprised by the decision of the boy. The first questions are obvious… “Since when?” “Why have you not told me that before the trip?” … or … “Why have you not waited until we were home?”… The girl is completely shocked and feels trapped in the small and oppressive environment. She can’t escape from the situation, because after all that happened, they still have to drive back home together.

I decided to end the story on the road, so that somehow the viewer would imagine this uncomfortable journey back home. For me, the end of love is that, a hug filled with old memories in mind. It is very hard knowing that it will be the last time you embrace or touch that person with the same feelings as in the past.