An emotive account of the Dirtquake event hosted by Sideburn at the Speedway track in Kings Lynn Norfolk. Guest stars include the great Guy Martin and World champion Carl Fogarty .

I love the Americana carnival feel of Dirt Quake and the King’s Lynn speedway track has a magical quality, people travel from all over Europe with their homemade bikes to ride and come together. I love the fact that it’s muddy, dusty and not polished, the sense of excitement to get on the track is palpable. There are a huge range of riders there from professionals like Guy Martin (racer and Channel 4 presenter), Carl Fogarty (World Superbike Champion), wall-of-death riders to complete amateurs. The thrill of the speedway takes me back to my teenage years, of careering around the Norfolk countryside on our bikes with my mates and the sense of freedom that gave me. For ‘Dust &Throttle’ I wanted to convey an emotive portrait, showing the pride and the passion that people have for their bikes and for the strong community, but also the imminent sense of danger.