When drag queen Alexa Pro is called out online for some problematic merch, she’s forced to deal with overly flirty friends, an unsatisfied boyfriend, and what it means to exist online- all as she prepares for a big performance.

Director’s Vision for ‘Don’t Fan the Flames, Bitch’

Using drag as an entry point, “Don’t Fan the Flames, Bitch” explores the uniquely modern dilemmas of cancel culture and social media performance , while also poking fun at how absurd those issues may seem from an outside perspective. In an age where we are forced to create consolidated versions of our personalities for our online audiences, it has become more and more common that we lose a sense of ourselves in the process. Told across multiple screens, apps, and locations, the film hopes to capture the high octane comedy that comes from forcing the essence of performance into our day-to-day lives, and what happens when we value attention from strangers over the regard of those close to us. In lesser words, there’s yelling, there’s dancing, there are Instagram Lives gone terribly wrong. Thank you for watching!