When Triin closes her car door, in a moment of solitude, her depression comes crashing in, threatening to drown her.

Director’s Vision

I have struggled with depression for most of my adult life. A side effect to this illness is that you always feel alone in your darkness. During the pandemic the feeling of isolation and distrust towards human connection got even more heightened.

There are days when you can hold yourself together, just enough, to fool the people around you and maybe yourself as well. But as the door closes, the panic sets in. It feels much like a wave, an ice cold and salty wave. And then you drown in the hopelessness, slowly and painfully. For someone who has not experienced this, it is hard to imagine the feeling and that is where the misconception of ”This is just sadness” partly comes from. I believe that empathy is very closely tied to personal experience. We wanted to create a visual link that is understandable to everyone.

I had an incredible team, composed of industry professionals, who all lent their free time, passion and know how to this project. I am very lucky to have so many so talented friends around me who thought that this message is important to convey. I sincerely hope that maybe it encourages viewers to be more attentive towards the people around them or maybe it just helps to start a conversation between two friends, that would otherwise be hard to start. Because sometimes a knock on the window at the right time can make a world of difference.