Amateur race car driver, Bill Lester, is faced with a decision that will upend the stable office life he’s been trapped in. Based on the true story of Bill Lester, the first black NASCAR driver to win a race in NASCAR’s Grand-Am series.

Director’s Vision

When I read through Bill’s memoir, Winning In Reverse, my initial reaction was: “This is a story that needs to be told.”

Feeling trapped within a job when your heart is elsewhere is something that a lot of us can relate with. Bill’s courage to walk away from his life of comfort to pursue his dreams is truly inspirational.

On top of that, Bill was also up against incredible adversity as he pioneered his way through the predominantly white sport of racing. Bill persevered in spite of these barriers and spent more than a decade competing at the highest levels of racing. As a filmmaker, I wanted to use my influence to elevate Bill’s story. His determination to choose the hard road, even when the odds were stacked against him, is something that we can all admire and learn from.

We created this film on a shoestring budget and so many talented people came together to help bring it to life. I am incredibly thankful to every single person that contributed to getting this story told!