Daro Mat revolves around the less spoken about Indian Girl. The Indian girl who is smart and yet devoid of opinions as ‘ having an opinion’ was never an option. The movie depicts her strength portrayed by simple thoughts. How she navigates her life through cultural barriers forms the crux of the story. Lakshmi Devy who is also the filmmaker portrays the role of Divya with poignant restriction and vulnerability.

Director’s Vision

The character of Divya in Daro Mat is based on a lot of my fellow classmates in India. Smart, capable ,wonderful girls who don’t have a voice. More importantly, no one ever asks them for their opinion. This film is an ode to them. Daro Mat is a small love story . It’s about a wife falling in love with her husband for the sole reason that he is the only person who sees and treats her as a human being with wants , needs and desires. Daro Mat translates to “Don’t Be Afraid” which I think is an apt piece of advice for women being raised in a hypocritical society where being timid, quiet and scared are considered attractive attributes.