John Connor hides in a bunker waiting for help. What arrives doesn’t quite live up to his expectations of a terminator.

Director’s Statement

This short was created for a challenge presented by a small group of directors with the desire to produce more narrative work in our spare time. The rule was to create a film using the exact dialog from a scene out of any 90’s blockbuster. Some of the personal challenges completing this project solo were setting focus, starting/stopping the camera, and kicking on the power switch hidden under the blankets for the fans to blow trash at you during the “explosion” while acting! I had a blast making it and I hope at the very least it sparks some inspiration in others that have been waiting for that “great idea” to come along before shooting something. I definitely know that feeling and this was a great way to exercise those film making skills. Even though this was a solo project, every email check in from the other filmmakers working on their shorts for the challenge were crucial to the completion. It was a huge motivator that kept me going through post production. Thank you for watching!