CUT & RUN, is a short biopic of the controversial “Le Chevalier Coiffeur”. From humble beginnings as child hairdressing virtuoso, to leader of the West African coif-liberation-movement and finally, his death that left a legacy of hair pride.

As a dark comedy it is concocted with a mixture of parody-esque mix media, afro-pop graphic design and a Spaghetti West African score, not to mention, it is also presented in AFRICOLOUR.

Director’s Note:

I was definitely inspired by the work of Absurdists from the 50s and 60s like Samuel Beckett and Tom Stoppard—they explored themes of chaos, hopelessness and the nonsensical. And I see these concepts becoming more and more relevant again in the social media age. Saying that, for me (and the Absurdists of course) it’s more important to focus on the comical aspect of the situation and have a laugh