A film crew shoots a documentary about the home life of a seemingly normal, happy couple. But some things aren’t how they appear on the surface.

Director’s Statement

I’ve been acting for just over two years now. About a year into my career, I got frustrated that it was nearly impossible to get great roles without a great reel. But it’s impossible to get a great reel unless you have great roles. A catch 22 of sorts.

So, I decided to write and shoot my own short film that showcased some of my range, as an actor, and use it for my reel. I wrote Clementine in one day and had a friend, Ross Wooten, come and shoot it with me. We had, quite literally, no budget and had no plans to do anything with the film until it was done being edited. We realized we had something kinda special, and all the festival success it has had since has been both exciting and, honestly, a little surprising. I didn’t know I would love writing and directing so much either. It’s been quite a journey and I’m so excited to begin my next filmmaking project.