A Short Puppet Drama. As 3rd year university student Chek Geronimo loses interest in his education, he begins to question his relationship with Celine, his best friend and projectionist at a soon to be closing independent cinema.

Director’s Statement

Making this film was a blast and I could not be more happy that Matt came to me with this weird, awesome idea for a movie. Collaborating with him was so much fun and it was such a pleasure getting to bounce our hilarious ideas off of each other. We met so many amazing talented people along the way I only hope that our incredible cast and crew had as much fun as we did. Watching our puppeteers and voice actors give life to these inanimate objects was one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of, it was really quite magical. And trust me, without their puppeteers, those puppets get creepy FAST. Whenever I see this film back or look at parts of it, it never fails to make me smile and I think that’s because I managed to somehow put a little bit of myself into it.